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About the Chemical Industry Archives


Other Websites to Visit


website for the Bill Moyers' documentary Trade Secrets

Environmental Defense

Environmental Defense rebukes American Chemistry Council

In Strictest Confidence

the extraordinary first look at the vinyl chloride controversy by the Houston Chronicle's Jim Morris

Coming Clean

Coming Clean is a joint project of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, the Environmental Health Fund, the Environmental Working Group and Women's Voices For the Earth


the Center for Health Environment and Justice


A database of industry-funded scientists and non-profits, produced by the Center for Science in the Public Interest

Baggett & McCall

the Louisiana law firm responsible for bringing many of the documents on this website to light


Baggett & McCall's site devoted to describing the health, regulatory, and legal background of vinyl chloride

American Chemistry Council

formerly known as the Chemical Manufacturers Association and Manufacturing Chemists Association


the chemical industry's response to the PBS broadcast of Trade Secrets

last updated: march.27.2009

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The Chemical Industry Archives is a project of the Environmental Working Group.
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