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Viewing the documents in the archives

How do I view the documents in the archives?

The documents in the Chemical Industry Archives are in Portable Document Format (PDF). This allows us to present the documents in original appearance, exactly as we received them, while also allowing you to search the document text. However, in order to view these documents you must use a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader, which is available for free from Adobe software.

I downloaded Acrobat Reader, but I still can't see the documents.

Even though you downloaded the viewer, you may still need to take the extra step of installing it on your computer. This will require you to run the Acrobat Reader installer program that you downloaded. For more information on how to do this, see the Acrobat Reader main troubleshooting page, or the downloading and installing help page.

I can read the documents, but I can't find the word or phrase I was looking for.

You may need to adjust your internet browser settings to view PDF documents using the Acrobat plugin. We strongly recommend that you take this step, since your matching search terms ("hits") will be highlighted only when you view the document using your web browser's Acrobat plugin. For instructions about how to do this, see the Acrobat Reader troubleshooting page, or try one of the following links, depending on your browser and operating system:

Why does it take so long to download some documents?

We wanted to present the documents in the archives in their original appearance, exactly as we received them. As many of these documents are quite large, this may cause significant delays for people with slower internet connections. We apologize for this inconvenience, and are doing everything we can to make download times as fast as possible.

last updated: march.27.2009

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The Chemical Industry Archives is a project of the Environmental Working Group.
Many documents in the archives require Adobe Acrobat reader (free download).